Bob Dotson (NBC Today Show) Visit

This past October 12th & 13th I had the great fortune to host Bob Dotson the renowned broadcast journalist and eight-time Emmy Award winner from the NBC Today Show at our campus in Leiden.  As part of a global tour, Bob came to campus to speak with students, faculty, and staff about the importance of storytelling and delivered a wonderful public lecture and workshop over his two-day visit.  

One of the most memorable aspects of his visit was how personable, kind, and generous he was.  Not only to me and other faculty, but to our students.  Bob's ability to talk with anyone and put even some of our "star struck" students at ease was wonderful to be witness to.  Bob's lecture inspired students to look beyond the obvious story, and look for those moments, and people that are not always the center focus of breaking news, for it is in those shadows we can connect with ordinary people doing extraordinary things. 

Dr. Leahy | Bob Dotson | Dean Rothenbuhler10.13.2015

To see the original post and invitation to the event see the Bob Dotson Lecture & Workshop - Media Communications Event post.

I hope to be able to invite Bob back to campus next year to continue the conversation.  Its not everyday that you can have an 8-time Emmy winner talk about their experiences so openly with students, and this experience is sure to be one that will last in the memory of our students, staff, and faculty that were able to attend.