Moving forward with Web Accessibility


MSU Web Accessibility Website Screenshot of homepage On May 2nd, 2011 MSU officially released the second coming of the Web Accessibility website which has been the central resource for MSU and the official Web Accessibility Policy since 2009.

The MSU Web Accessibility site is the forward facing public portal to the MSU Web Accessibility Policy that covers all University Web pages used to conduct core University business or academic activities.

What's New you ask?

In this second version of the site one of the top priorities was to include an entirely new section devoted to tutorials and how-to's on many of the most common accessibility issues when dealing with web pages, or other digital content, like pdf's, Microsoft Word documents, and video to name a few.

More content including video tutorials and example templates are currently in the works to be added to the site in the near future. Big Step Forward

The launch and revamp of this site is a big step forward in accessibility,  there are many issues and obstacles associated with creating accessible websites from lack of knowledge to limited resources.  The new Web Accessibility site offers a great resource for the MSU community and beyond to begin (or hopefully continue) to move towards making web content more accessible.

As one of the contributors and content authors of this site, it is a continued goal of mine to contribute valuable resources and tutorials on how to make content accessible.