Book review published: Empedocles

Hot off the press! A book review that I wrote for Empedocles: European Journal for the Philosophy of Communication is now out in Volume 8, Number 2, 1 November 2017. ISSN 1757-1952 (Print); ISSN 1757-1960 (Online).

Book Review:
Philosophy for Multisensory Communication and Media, Keith Kenney (2016) New York, NY: Peter Lang Publishing, 250 pp., ISBN: 9781433122057, p/bk, 35

Excerpt (introduction)
The continued development of new communication technologies such as mixed reality (MR), wearables and smart devices has ushered in a new wave of sensory-based platforms. With these developments in mind, the author Keith Kenney attempts to initiate the discussion around building a theoretical foundation for their use in communications. Kenney draws upon the works of multiple philosophers to outline and explore multisensory media by exam- ining haptic, olfactory, gustatory, auditory and visual media. Throughout the book Kenney provides examples and suggestions for practical applications as he attempts to lay a theoretical foundation around multisensory media. (p. 240).

I had a great time reading and reviewing this book. As with any review, there are notable strengths and weaknesses but this review afforded me the opportunity to engage in the futurology of media communications.