Natural Resources

Thalarctos Maritimus: An Interesting Subject

The elusive thalarctos maritimus has finally been captured on camera, well ok, its not all that elusive and well, its not even alive, but it was still impressive.

This image is that of the great thalarctos maritimus otherwise known as a polar bear.  This massive polar bear is located in the lobby of the Natural Resources Building on the campus of Michigan State University.  This bear was shot in 1957 at Point Borrow Alaska and donated to the University by Mt. Koepplinger of Oak Park Michigan.

The image above is a composite of two separate images.  Both images were shot at night in the lobby with one image exposed for the outdoor scene and lights, and the other for the bear itself.  Blending the two images allows the bear to look fully lit while having no lights visibly on him.  The image was then converted to gray scale to be used in a project that never made it to the big time, so here it is, in all its glory.