8-bit Cinema: Star Wars Original Trilogy

I have long been a fan of the 8-bit (well technically 16-bit) recreations of popular movies and delivered in this suede game-play format. These creative videos are the work of David Dutton and crew from CineFX.  

One of the reasons I enjoy these is the creative process involved to distill a movie down to its core story (or essence) and then retell that story through a new medium.  To achieve this, the crew at CineFX need to draw new pixel-art for all the characters and backgrounds etc. as well as remix the familiar soundtracks into the MIDI styled sound of old video games. 

Like what you've seen so far? Checkout the behind the scenes video on how new 8-bit Cinema videos are created, from pixel drawing, to animation, and sound production. 

For more 8-bit Cinema check out the YouTube channel and see if one of your favorite movies has been given the 8-bit treatment. 8-Bit Cinema Playlist by CineFX.

Giving new life to an old Apple G4 Cube


I have always liked the look the Apple G4 Cube desktop computer case.  Thanks to my colleague Frank T. I was given an opportunity to recycle this once fairly iconic computer into something still useful in my office - a plant holder.  I was looking for a new little art project and this gave me the perfect little springboard to do something creative.

Frank had found this old G4 Cube and removed all the electrical components, circuit boards, cables etc.  It sat on his desk for a while and I always thought how neat it might be to re-purpose this piece of computer equipment into something more green, like a plant holder.  When Frank retired he tossed this little case my way, and well, I went right to work re-purposing it.

This was a really quick little art project, in total it only took about 15 minutes to do.  It only required simple hand tools (Phillips screwdriver, pliers and some wire). I had thought for a while how I liked the juxtaposition of the cold high-tech (well, once upon a time that is) computer case with the warm softness of a living plant growing from it.  To me, this little plant holder represents the possibilities of recycling old computer equipment into something useful again, and the reclaiming of life by nature over man-made obstructions.