Skydiving over Mid-Michigan!


What better way to spend your average Wednesday than jumping out of an airplane at 14,000 ft?

This was my first time skydiving, it was an incredible experience that I am sure to repeat in the future. The folks at Skydive Tecumseh made sure my jump was a thrilling time. Their staff was very friendly and professional and although you are jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, you actually feel rather safe in their hands.

There really is no experience like it, feeling the icy cold air rushing past your face, the feel of the cold aircraft aluminum against your hands as you look out the rear door of the aircraft. As you gaze downward to the familiar earth below you stomach cinches the last knot. One, two, threeeeeee and out the aircraft you tumble, rushing toward the earth at 120 mph as you flip and twist before steadying your free fall. Wind whipping all about you, trying to make sense of your bearings and surroundings as you plummet, a calm enters as you take in the beautiful scenery both around and below you. Jumping from such a height you feel disconnected from the earth below, almost as if it is not a threat to your safe landing, its just there, beyond your reach. Then suddenly you are violently jerked upwards as your main chute deploys and the canopy fills with air. Now gliding smoothly and gently, you take in your surroundings as ground beneath you raises faster and faster towards your feet. A few quick maneuvers of the canopy, legs swinging from side to side you come sliding to a soft landing and feel the ever familiar sturdy soil beneath you. You are done, you are filled with adrenaline and excitement from the few moments of pure danger and rush. When I stood up, released the harness the only thing I could say was..."let's go AGAIN!" It was so much fun I cannot wait until the weather is good enough to jump once again.